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Hop Brook Sanctuary

A view of the marsh circa 1998


 Hop Brook Sanctuary began as two areas of marsh land connected by Hop Brook. Today it is part of a large wetland area that is home to a large community of wetland species.  There are two ways to view this haven for wildlife. There is a narrow foot path between addresses 124 and 128 on the west side of Long Meadow Hill Road. Parking along Long Meadow Hill Road is not advised. A safer place to park is in the cul-de-sac at the end of High Acres Road. There is a trail leading from the end of the road to the edge of the wetlands. If you look closely you will encounter the remains of the boardwalk that used to traverse the north end of the sanctuary. If you approach quietly this is the best place to observe some of the birds that live here.


Hop Brook Sanctuary is a patchwork of 12 parcels ranging from .17 to 16.43 acres, It would have taken tenacity and a gift for diplomacy to persuade  that many landowners to  contribute to the project. 

Land Donors

BOSLI thanks the following land donors for their generosity;