Kahlo Trail Map (JPG)


Kahlo Trail


The Kahlo Trail is named after George Dwight Kahlo III who donated the property to BOSLI in 1989. its official address is 10 Hop Brook Road. Parking is available on the street along the park's 2 18 feet of road frontage. The trail begins with a short walk downhill to a sturdy foot bridge. After crossing the bridge the trail follows the banks of the brook. past small waterfalls and areas of calm water. Hop Brook's water volume increases dramatically in spring and after heavy rains. Please assess conditions carefully as the entire trail might not be walkable when water volume is high.  


The May 2018 macroburst did significant damage to Kahlo Traill. The footbridge took a direct from a large tree and is currently not passable. Clean up efforts will begin again in spring 2019. 

The battered foot bridge.

The battered foot bridge.