What's Going On

Volunteer Opportunities


The trail cleanup at Birch RocksPratt Glen on Friday, March 29 was a success! A group of around 20 people came out to chain saw, rake clip, and re-route the yellow, blue/yellow, and blue trails. Thank you to all who participated!  Your efforts have made it possible to walk the trails from the Ashwood side to the parking lot, no bushwhacking required. 

Another work day will be organized to address the red trail. Watch you email for an announcement.

Trails Day 2019


 The Brookfield Open Space Legacy and the Brookfield Conservation Commission are co-hosting a community educational event along the Still River Greenway in celebration of CT Trails Day.  You will have the opportunity to speak with experts on topics like bees, birds, native and pollinator plants, natural lawn care and tick control, living with bears and other wildlife, the Still River reclamation initiative, and more. It's FREE. Register at the event and get a free Brookfield Trails Guide booklet by visiting all expert stations. Take a stroll along the Greenway and learn how you can help make Brookfield a pollinator-friendly community. Learn about Brookfield’s Pollinator Pathway initiative and what simple things you can do on your property to help!   

Missing: Boardwalk


The boardwalk at Hop Brook Sanctuary was completed in 1998. At around the same time beavers moved in and caused the water level in the entire sanctuary to rise dramatically. Over time, changing water levels and shifting ice caused the boardwalk to float free from its footings. In recent years entire sections were partially submerged or listing dangerously to one side. The only way to correct the problems was to re-build the boardwalk from scratch. BOSLI raised about $6,000 towards the demolition and construction of a new boardwalk, but that was far less than the over $50.000 that would be needed to complete the project. The boardwalk was unsafe and the decision was made to remove it.